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Soly Emotional Health pioneers a platform for trauma resilience, blending our Trauma-Resilience AI with compassionate care to unite therapists, clients, and communities to foster and build lasting resilience.

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Soly - Your AI Companion for Building Resilience to Trauma

Building resilience to trauma is crucial, yet many find the path unclear and scattered, often due to the lack of cohesive resources and support systems.

Soly steps in to bridge this gap, providing an integrated platform that not only educates individuals and communities on how to build resilience before trauma occurs but also supports them through the recovery process.

By combining immediate anxiety relief techniques, comprehensive psychoeducation, and personalized recovery programs, Soly ensures a holistic approach to resilience growth, helping users and communities move from vulnerability to strength. This approach tackles the problem head-on, offering a clear, accessible pathway to build resilience to trauma.


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With our comprehensive approach to post-trauma support, you will finally have access to the tools and resources you need in order to
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Soly provides tailored solutions for businesses, governments, and NGOs, adaptable to varied trauma care needs and easy API integration.

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We seek partnerships and investors to join us in scaling trauma care innovations globally.

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Lior Elisha

Founder, CEO

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Shaul Zoares

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

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Chief of Content

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Avior Amrani


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Charlie Kroll

Senior Advisor

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Gina Ross

Senior advisor

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Questions & Answers on Your Journey to Recovery

All the Answers You Need to Know About Soly. 

Soly uniquely combines specialized trauma AI, immediate SOS help, and a comprehensive app interface, all of which are underpinned by evidence-based methodologies like Somatic Experiencing® and EmotionAid®. Our approach is both personalized and scalable, suitable for individuals, groups, and large-scale events.

Yes, Soly is designed to provide support on an individual level as well as to communities and groups. Our platform has specialized modules to address the varied needs and experiences of different user groups, including specialized PTSD support.

Organizations can integrate Soly’s services through our API, which allows for seamless implementation of Soly’s trauma-trained AI into existing systems for a proactive trauma response.

The English version of Soly’s chatbot is scheduled to be released in November 2023, expanding our reach to provide support to English-speaking users globally.

We are actively working on expanding our language offerings to include Russian, Spanish, French, and more. While we cannot confirm a launch date at this time, we are committed to making our platform accessible to a global audience.

Yes, of course. Our solution is best used between your sessions, as an aid tool.

Even if you do not suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, using Soly can still be beneficial. It helps to balance your nervous system and increase your mental resilience. Additionally, it is especially helpful when a loved one is struggling with PTSD as it provides useful information and coping strategies to reduce the associated stress.

We are an impact startup company and are currently in the phase of our seed round. Our goal is to create positive, lasting change in the fastest and most efficient route to success.

Soly is suitable for individuals who have been diagnosed with PTSD or are thought to have PTSD, as well as their family members. Additionally, anyone who understands the importance of balancing their nervous system and wants to learn how to do so themselves may use Soly. We also invite people and caregivers who want to be emotional supporters in our community to join us.

Currently, we are focusing on the development of therapeutic protocols and building them into the system. Soly’s chatbot does not yet have natural language conversational functions, but we intend to integrate ChatGPT (as well as some other AI) into Soly’s chatbot for future use.

We are confident that you will experience an improvement in your stress levels after just five to ten minutes of practice.

At our launch, Soly is available for a monthly price of NIS 10. Your subscription will grant you unlimited use of Soly and will support our mission to change how the world treats PTSD.

Soly is developing child and youth-specific chatbots to provide age-appropriate support. These are designed to be engaging and helpful for younger users who have experienced trauma.

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